Excellent steel products,
of selected quality

Excellent steel products

from the best European and Russian suppliers
of high quality checked several times
So you only need to deal with processing.

Steel products, main product groups of ours

Round bars

You are supported by a real giant in the steel industry concerning your objectives. Our staff are willing to answer your questions about size and quality you need.

Trade of steel sheets and rolls

We offer a great variety of flat steel sheets, plates and rolls in customized sizes. You only need to order the steel in the size you need and we deliver it


Splitting in customized sizes. Our steel strips are always delivered in the width you need so you can work precisely with little waste.

Tubes and hollow sections

We meet your need for tubes and hollow sections quickly with short delivery dates. You can choose from a great variety of products depending on the installation requirements
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ASSIX Trade and Logistics Company

The biggest steel producer in Eastern Europe supplies you with steel products!

ASSIX Trade and Logistics Company is the biggest steel producer in Eastern Europe, the sales partner of Byelorussian Steel Works (BMZ) in Hungary. We make the whole range of steel products manufactured by BMZ available for you. BMZ has the necessary ISO qualifications thus the steel products you order are delivered in time in high quality which we check each time.

Your work will become easier if ASSIX Zrt. delivers your steel products!

This is the reason why our partners choose us to deliver them steel products

We offer excellent services in order to provide you with convenience and make your production continuous.

  • communication in Hungarian
  • excellent financial packages, up to 60-day payment terms
  • short delivery dates from a warehouse in Hungary, Just in Time
  • delivery throughout Hungary
  • no customs administration
  • possibility for cutting, consignation, project management

We offer the simple and convenient delivery of excellent steel products, save time and energy.

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