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We supply car industry with our products

We are a recognised supplier of the car industry

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We supply the building sector with a large number of our products

We regularly deliver to power plants


Steel of excellent quality for all sectors of industry

Read which main sectors of industry we supply with our products

As an independent party in steel industry we supply various sectors of industry with our products of high quality. As the strategic partner of BMZ we are able to supply any projects of any volume, in this way you also choose the best alternative if you choose us. We complete your demands for steel with quick delivery on time.

Read which are the highlighted sectors:

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Steel products for machine industry

The manufacturer of our round bars has the qualifications needed for delivery such as
ISO/TS 16949:2009 ISO 9001:2008

A wide range of services for special requests is available. Supplying round bars, steel for forging, cutting or chipping. Making strips from galvanized rolls.

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For car industry

Delivery of products good for specific processing besides products good for special and mass-production.

Steel products for building industry

Besides products with ÉMI qualification products in custom-size and quality are delivered for hall constructions and concrete building elements.

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For power plants

Assortment support of a wide range of materials necessary for continuous operating. Supplying steel products of special quality in customized sizes with a short delivery time. Sale of plates. Production of splits from cold-rolled roll.

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