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The production of strips

hasitott szalag gyártás

Customized sizes available
You create something and we deliver the materials

szalaghasítás, hasított szalag

Flexible delivery, production base of our own
Steel Service Centrer


Split steel rolls to strips

Service Centre solutions

ASSIX Trade and Logistics Company splits wide steel rolls to size on its own splitting production line. If you have your own stock of steel we will split it to the specific size as well as you can order the material from us.

The main services of

ASSIX splitting centrer

  • split steel between 0,75-5 mm thick
  • minimum splitting width: 28mm
  • from non-alloy hot rolled steel rolls (S235, S335)
  • from galvanized steel rolls (DX51)
  • from cold rolled steel rolls (DC01)
  • rewinding from maximum 25-ton rolls
  • production of baby rolls (3-8 tons)
  • split steel from your stock
  • we offer a service of storing your steel in our warehouse and
  • logistics concerning both steel materials and products
  • Just in Time delivery

Our staff are available for delivery and any information on stock and delivery

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We recommend our catalogue containing the product range, quality and measuring of split steel products. It can be downloaded.

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